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29/07/2013 01:19 PM

What is the main duties of Hotel Steward?

Stewarding Duties

Hotel stewards organize food and drink functions.

Stewards, once present in every hotel, are quite rare now, according to Jessup Whitehead in the book "The Steward's Handbook and Guide To Party Catering." Stewards are second only to the owner of a hotel and often refer to other staff as "theirs." The main duty of a steward is to run the hotel as efficiently as possible. This includes planning events, organizing other staff and seeing to customers' needs.


A steward has the duty of inspecting areas of the hotel to ensure that they are clean and tidy. This includes checking kitchen facilities--cookers, utensils and freezers. He inspects the bedrooms and ensure that they are up to standards. If there are any deficiencies in the cleanliness or tidiness of an area, the steward will bring this to the appropriate staff members' attention and ensure that the problem is rectified.

Maintain Inventory

Checking and ordering new inventory is the duty of a steward. She will keep a record of usage and order new supplies in advance so that they do not run out. Upon delivery of the supplies, it is the steward's responsibility to check that all items ordered are delivered and that they are not damaged or spoiled. If they are damaged, the steward will deal with the supplier to rectify the problem. It is the steward's duty to approve all invoices for payment once the goods have been received.

Prepare Events

One of a steward's main duties is to liaise with both the chief chef and the proprietor to organize events and functions, such as weddings, balls or theme nights. This includes planning decorations, ordering appropriate supplies and coming up with a menu that suits the occasion. The steward will arrange for extra staff to be present for the function and establish an appropriate budget. He will communicate directly with customers to ensure that all their needs are met.

Manage Staff

A steward is responsible for managing and motivating other staff. This includes setting the shift timetable and ensuring that all staff know in advance their working hours. She will carry out all training of ancillary staff and may conduct interviews on the proprietor's behalf. Once all staff have been organized, the steward may take part in catering duties, such as preparing and serving food and drink. Silver service is usually the responsibility of the steward, who will train waiters and lead by example.