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02/05/2014 11:30 AM



Being famous as a national rice bowl, the South-West region of Vietnam impresses visitors with its deep green immense rice paddies, dotted by peaceful quiet countryside houses. Here, for many generations, the Me-Kong River connects home to home, people to people by a network of canals interlacing but very rhythmic. As ever-flowing river water, the Western people have a very original face, leaving some pilgrims of feelings of tranquility pervaded the homeland.


Nowadays going to the West, visitors from near or distant countries will be fully immersed in the idyllic rural life, in the prevalent hospitality of the native people, in untouched rice paddies stretching to horizon, in the silhouette of coconut trees, and in the  business line and the generosity of the river packed with culturally unique, high-qualified cuisine.

 How gentle and naive the western people are,

Landscape is like a romantic song.


All green in one’s eyes,

Western rice paddy is like silky stretching carpet.


All year round, up and down on the river, boats are the major means for
people to meet and trade. As an invitation to an appointed place, people regularly bring the produce of their hard work for sharing and exchanging with one another. Gradually, flocks on the river make a living definition of "floating market"(Cho Noi). Visiting this riverside area, tourists can experience the floating market space with bold Southwestern culture and atmosphere of exciting trading. In other words, Floating Market is the town’s charm on water.


Southwestern Territory is the place of harmony, with fruit and lush plants all
year round. Being blessed by nature, the river fertilizes the area with endless red soil. Thank to this, flowers and fruits blossom fully, forming many Southern rich green gardens. Visiting these gardens, people are not just satisfied with green color of leaves, but also with hand-picked taste and feel of the fresh ripe fruits.


An elegant pleasure not to be missed is surfing west on the line of business, comfortably watching the green colors, peaceful
sharp waves, long powerful branches of mangroves.


Despite golden rice burden on shoulders, the native people here still work hard to offer products containing abundance of rural essence, the leading one of the natural origins. Stepping on different romantic islets, woven by humanity, tourists are inspired to learn about production processes, and enjoy the special feeling of some western specialties such as coconut candy, noodles, fish sauce or honey etc. Travelers will feel satisfied to purchase authentic produces for themselves and their relatives.


Emotions and sensibility of the native people melt into rice waves and immense homeland river. Tourist cherished and refined through the years, western art really
impresses tourists by traditional Don Ca Tai Tu and Cai Luong, the two melodious romantic, humanistic imbued form of music. Sitting back and watching a scene, sipping a coconut candy bar or a slice of sweet fruit, occasionally hearing high and low pitches of melody from far away, tourists will feel warm, peaceful sense permeated their heart.


Through exploration of the Mekong Delta, tourists will be awarded by all means as a perfect gift of harmony between nature and man. The welcoming handshake of public goods and humanity, especially of the western people will hold tourists breathe and invite more visits.

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